Sunday, October 19, 2008

never changing

So, in our Sunday school class for the past few weeks we've been answering the question "Can God change his mind?"  While a good question to consider, we must remember that whether through means of prayer, or repentance, God may very well change his mind, via his actions, but God himself DOES NOT CHANGE.

I've been reading Ezekiel for a little over a week now.  And it is very clear that God is not pleased at all with his people Israel and the way they have adapted to the customs, culture, and sin of those around them.  As I've read it is so dark, full of plagues, death, and destruction, as a result of idolatry and "detestable things."  But, in chapter 9, God instructs a remnant to be "marked" for their grieving and lamenting over detestable acts.  Then in chapter 10, as a result of it all "the glory of God departed," and at the beginning of 11 he executes his judgement for conforming to those around them [SIN].  It's all been kinda cool, learning about God's constant NON-tolerance of sin, but honestly, kind of a downer in the day to day reading.

But today, it happened, at the end of chapter 11...RESTORATION!  "I will gather...I will give...They will return...They will follow...They will be my people, and I will be their God!"  Yea God!  You are sooooo faithful!  Even when you know the end of the story God is always surprising me, yet never really surprising me at all, with his faithfulness to his promise(s).  NEVER CHANGING!!

"Ever faithful,
ever true,
You I know,
You never let go.

Oh, what love,
in joy and pain,
in sun and rain,
You're the same,
oh, You never let go."

- David Crowder
from You Never Let Go


poetofthepirates said...

In Isaiah, as I am sure you know, God chastises His peope, but all of the sudden, in chapter 40, He stops and pours out His love. It doesn't make sense, until one realizes that chapter 40 outlines the whole book. God's love is the whole reason as to why He corrects His children. Really cool song at the end, Kellar! Good thoughts too!

Josh P said...

Yes, good to hear more about this from hearing you briefly talking about it the other day.

Even though the New Testament has the Gospels, I feel like the Old Testament teaches us so much about God and His heart through the prophets, and Psalms and many other books